[ANNOUNCE] MyFaces Core v2.2.9 Release

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[ANNOUNCE] MyFaces Core v2.2.9 Release

Leonardo Uribe-2
The Apache MyFaces team is pleased to announce the release of MyFaces Core

MyFaces Core is a JavaServer(tm) Faces 2.2 implementation as specified by

The artifacts passed the TCK test of Feb 2013 (jsftck-2.2_26-Feb-2013.zip).

MyFaces Core 2.2.9 is available in both binary and source distributions.

    * http://myfaces.apache.org/download.html

MyFaces Core is also available in the central Maven repository under Group
ID "org.apache.myfaces.core".

Release Notes - MyFaces Core - Version 2.2.9


    [MYFACES-3957] - Disabled h:commandLink results in rendering of a span
with onclick
    [MYFACES-3978] - NullPointerException in FaceletStateValueExpression
when ViewPooling enabled
    [MYFACES-3980] - c:forEach varStatus is assigned with the wrong base
    [MYFACES-3981] - Unable to resolve Integer API as Lambda expression in
a facelet
    [MYFACES-3982] - javax.faces.context.ExternalContext#getInitParameter
should throw NPE when name is null
    [MYFACES-3983] - ViewScopeBinding does not work, results in an
exception when using a datatable
    [MYFACES-3986] - viewScope implicit object not resolved in a JSP page
    [MYFACES-3988] - An empty tag in a custom tag-lib causes an Exception
    [MYFACES-3989] - MalformedURLException when
javax.faces.FACELETS_LIBRARIES contains line feed
    [MYFACES-3992] - f:ajax doesn't append javax.faces.ViewState back on
re-render of form in stateless view
    [MYFACES-3996] - Value of HTML-Attribute class on Passthrough element
is casted to java.lang.Class if coming from EL
    [MYFACES-4000] - Some MyFaces JSF 2.2 API signatures do not match the
Java EE 7 API
    [MYFACES-4003] - Allow the "class" Attribute To Be Set For Custom Tags
    [MYFACES-4008] - AbstractMethodError thrown by
    [MYFACES-4010] - MyFaces 2.2 throws UnsupportedOperationException with
an eager ManagedBean with ManagedProperty
    [MYFACES-4016] - Error when submitting an Ajax request for an element
without an ID
    [MYFACES-4017] - custom expression factory not correctly loaded
    [MYFACES-4019] - Updating a bound value not possible if input component
is within c:forEach


    [MYFACES-3063] - code cleanup and performance review
    [MYFACES-3985] - [perf] avoid field initialization on CDI beans
    [MYFACES-4001] - Outdated java.sun.com XML namespaces in 2.2 tagdoc
    [MYFACES-4014] - Log required startup time
    [MYFACES-4015] - [perf] provide annotation scanning via CDI extension


    [MYFACES-4005] - Classloading conflict with httpclient (update
commons-codec to 1.10)


Leonardo Uribe