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Make wardrobe free

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Please make wardrobe free... I wanna be able to keep my costumes.. I bought the 25$ rank pack and it comes with no premium.. but the rank 2... I understand you need to activate it to recieve its perks but can you make it so if you have the rank for wardrobe that u get it without premium...
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I agree with Cheap BNS Gold the OP. They're already gouging us like crazy for inventory space.
Ideally, they Premium Point Ranks would remain unlocked as you earned Points, regardless of your current subscription status. That's how it's worked for every other F2P mmo that I've played and it's plenty fair. As it is, having NCoin expenditures earn Premium Points feels a lot like NCSoft laughing in my face because they're utterly useless if you're not subscribed.
Doing it this way would require folk to invest a little bit to Buy BNS Gold access the Wardrobe (it's in Rank 1) but wouldn't completely lock you out of stuff if you unsubbed.

erm wardrobe is one of the features for premium to basically incentivize purchasing it along with several other things while i can understand your pain i honestly dont think they will listen on this one