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Negative Reputation Removed

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The Dojo staff have been discussing the pros and cons of negative reputation ever since it was reintroduced.You can increase your BNS Power leveling by surfing more information. After watching how users use the reputation system, and after using it ourselves, we've decided that the benefits of negative reputation are far outdone by the misuse of it. We strive to enforce high-quality-only posts. Negative reputation was supposed to discourage users from posting low-quality content, but unfortunately it was not always used in that way. In addition, we don't want users to be discouraged from posting if they are constantly being downvoted for any reason or no reason, as was often the case.

Although negative reputation sounds good in theory, we can't change how it works to suit the Dojo's needs. Downvoted posts are not hidden like they are in Reddit, and oftentimes a downvoted post will still require moderator action, making the whole system redundant.You are allowed to get more information in the official website to buy more Cheap Blade And Soul Gold.

We will continue to monitor low-quality posts and posters without negative reputation. Positive reputation will remain, and the rules surrounding positive reputation will not change, which can be found here.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please leave them on this thread.