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Korhonen, Kalle
I may have found the problem - at least this would explain why the server is trying to authenticate JavaSVN client but not a browser (and I'm able to browse the repository without authentication with just a regular browser). At they are discussing a similar problem:

"So… looks like after I got some of the problems with subclipse figured out its looking like a mod_security issue. I’ll open a ticket now Jason. :-)"


"(edit: corrected the “JavaSVN” agent below. I incorrectly had it as “Java SVN” )
jason suggested adding a SecFilterSelective line to my .htaccess file. I added:
SecFilterSelective “HTTP_USER_AGENT” “JavaSVN” “allow,nolog”
and that seemed to do it.
So in summary, the mini-tute to get the JavaSVN version of subclipse working on Textdrive seems to be:
– install the 3 plugins (Subclipse 0.9.28, JavaSVN Library 0.8.5, JavaSVN Subclipse Extension 0.8.5) from and in eclipse (using their update servers) – create the repository using webmin – make sure you have JavaSVN selected in Window->Preferences->Team->SVN preferences and not the CLI version. – add a line to your .htaccess to allow the client in if you get a “precondidion failed” error
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Could one of the committers check the .htaccess file?


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From: Korhonen, Kalle
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Subject: Subclipse problem with MyFaces repository
I'm on Red Hat AS 3.0, using Eclipse 3.0 with subclipse client and
JavaSVN plugin (JavaHL's only available for Windows?). I get:

"Error while creating module:
org.tigris.subverison.javahl.ClientException: Authentication challenge
is not supported: null" and in the log an uncatched

First, has anybody seen the same problem?

Second, why does the server even send authentication challege for
read-only repository? Or, is the problem caused by something else?

Third, in the Eclipse SVN repository dialog, I should leave username /
password empty right?

Tried it with a couple of different ways, but can't get it to work. Can
anyone think of anything else I'm doing wrong?