Unable to buy premium, payment authorization failed

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Unable to buy premium, payment authorization failed

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So, due to the outrageous queue times, in order to play this game I need premium. I would gladly pay 20.00 to play this game, but when I try to buy ncoin, after inputting my info, I get the BNS Gold error message "Payment Authorization Failed."
I know what everyone is going to say, my card is bad, but here's the thing: I tried both my cards, my wife's card and my paypal account. None of them worked.
Not only that, but I got on my wife's account (she wisely bought premium) and all of our payment methods are blocked on her account too. What is going on?

Yeah, hopefully that is it. I've been trying for a few hours now though.
Also I think the premium scam thing is fixed, I logged in Cheap Blade And Soul Gold with premium and the queue length was accurate. Not that they aren't scamming with queue times and premium, just that at least now the queues are honest.

Just an update, its been about 4 hours now and I have tried to get through about a hundred times. I am seeing other people buy premium with no problem so I suspect this may be a problem with my account and not the payment servers. If only NCsoft would reply to my ticket...